Groovy on Grails Training

Groovy is a modern and concise programming language on the JVM. Grails is a web framework built on top of Spring MVC. Together, Groovy on Grails is an agile tool for the programmers. This course covers the features of Groovy language and discusses the web entities like models, controllers, GSPs in Grails framework . You'll learn the fundamentals of the Groovy language and concepts like functions, closures, DSLs, meta-programming, collections with plenty of examples and exercises. These topics will be discussed in-depth and will make you work hard with the objective to provide you with practical and hands-on experience and realize the potential of Groovy and Grails.

In this course you will also learn to create Gradle scripts and tasks and manage your activities in the project. You'll understand the significance of DSL in Gradle, and other APIs.

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