Coding Challenges

Keep writing code. Don't stop!!!

"Remember that code is really the language in which we ultimately express the requirements. We may create languages that are closer to the requirements. We may create tools that help us parse and assemble those requirements into formal structures. But we will never eliminate necessary precision—so there will always be code." - Robert Martin

You are a beginner, who likes to write code. You have interest in trying out simple exercises, so that you don't lose touch with programming. But, you are looking for problem statements and premise to practice coding. You are in the right place.

Every listing here, describes a problem in a nutshell and takes you to a GitHub repository that describes the problem in detail with input and showing sample output.

Play with cities in India

Given a list of 2000+ cities in India as Input, you're going to play with that data and group the cities by states.

Concepts that you may use: File operations, Collections: Lists, Sets and Maps

The input files are here:

2-min video explaining the challenge: